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Discover Efficient Home Remedies from Nausea

Nausea is a painful sensation in the epigastric region and throat. Nausea does not cause pain, but it provokes the person to experience discomfort, mainly due to the fact that often precedes vomiting. Nausea may be one of symptoms of hundreds of diseases, but is not specific for any. Except, perhaps to the food poisoning, when the body, in such a way, wants to get rid of poor-quality food. Nausea occurs under certain conditions of the organism, for example, it appears in the first trimester of pregnancy, in many individuals with motion sickness, with overeating. In the summer nausea, may occur after a long walk in the sun, which is a sign of heat stroke.

Any person experiencing this unpleasant symptom, think about how to get rid of nausea. Here we must remember that the nausea itself is not a disease and it is not necessary to treat it, but it may indicate some hidden diseases (gastrointestinal, oncology, diabetes and so on). So, if you do not know the nausea source, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive survey to identify the true cause of its occurrence. If the causes are known and it is necessary to get rid of nausea or reduce the degree of its manifestation, as soon as possible, without drug administration, you should seek the advice of traditional medicine.


Eat something starchy, but not fat, because starchy foods normalize the rhythm of stomach contractions and the same time the nausea is reduced. Take a deep breath, as calm, deep breathing helps to normalize the emotional state and also helps to stabilize the rhythm of stomach contractions, which is the main cause of nausea. Nausea is often occurring from overeating. For the same reason, do not drink anything immediately after a meal, because it provokes the effect of overeating, even after a normal meal portion. Increase the number of meals, while reducing the amount eaten at one time. Some people can get aid from ordinary peppermints or chewing gum, but here all is individually, because someone may just puke from their taste. Mint and parsley has long been considered a good remedy for nausea and are part of many recipes of traditional medicine, but at toxicosis it is advised to not eat them, because these herbs have a weak abortifacient effect (unnecessarily strain the uterus). For pregnant women is best to drink ginger or lemon tea.

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